Breakfast links: The Parks Service isn’t happy about Hogan’s plans for a new NFL stadium

There’s more opposition to a new football stadium in Prince George’s

In another secret plan for a new football stadium, Larry Hogan worked with the Department of the Interior to take over Oxon Cove Park for stadium use back in 2017. Now the National Parks Conservation Association is pushing back on turning parkland into an NFL stadium.  (Katie Arcieri / WBJ)

Metro could get late night service back by summer

The two members of the Metro board representing DC are planning to veto an extension of the early system closure and return late night transit to residents, despite some concerns that this would cut into track maintenance time. If the veto holds, Metro would go back to 12 am weeknight and 3 am weekend closures on July 1, 2019.  (Natalie Delgadillo / DCist)

The X2 bus’s most famous rider was just having fun

After an X2 passenger riding the outside of the bus down Benning Road blew up online, the teen who took the ride says that he did it because he though it would be fun. Metro called the trip reckless, and is discouraging other riders from trying it.  (Anjali Hemphill / Fox 5)

All DC nonprofits, not just churches, will get a water rate break

DC is offering a discount on the new water runoff charges to religious and secular nonprofits, after fears that just exempting churches would raise First Amendment concerns. The extra fees for nonpermeable surfaces pay for river cleanup.  (Peter Jamison / Post)

Arlington is drafting a new master plan for cycling

Arlington is looking for public feedback on a bike master plan that will prioritize cyclist safety in the county. The plan also has 26 specific recommendations to add new trails and on-street lanes, and fix older ones.  (Alex Koma / ARLnow)

DOT grants will fix Metro stations, among other things

The Department of Transportation announced its BUILD grant recipients, including WMATA, which will repair outdoor Metro stations. The government gave $1.5 billion in grants, which was only about a tenth of what communities around the country had requested.  (Michael Laris / Post)

Families in DC’s Ward 7 and Ward 8 can get a Lyft to the store

Families with kids in an elementary school or in the Martha’s Table education program can apply for a program offering $2.50 Lyft rides to Safeway, Giant, or the Martha’s Table market in Ward 7 and Ward 8. Lyft is subsiziding the rides for 500 families for six months.  (Laura Hayes / WCP)

Maryland is lowering the speed limit on River Road to prevent more deaths

The State Highway Administration is dropping the speed limit on River Road between I-495 and Springfield Drive from 45 mph to 35 mph by the end of the month. In 2015 and 2016 one pedestrian and three car passengers were killed in crashes on that stretch of road.  (Charlie Wright / Bethesda Beat)

A vote on DC’s tipped minimum wage could return to the ballot

Proponents of eliminating the city’s tipped minimum wage are gathering signatures to have the city vote on a referendum overturning the DC Council vote that repealed the measure the first time around. Opponents have also geared up to lobby against the referendum, and have sued in court to block it.  (Martin Austermuhle / WAMU)

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